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Used in conjunction with press frame KL-0177-201 and clamping jaw set Ø 19-34mm KL-0177-202, for the quick and easy separation of the outer constant velocity joint from drive shafts. The operation can be performed in-situ on the vehicle. (On some vehicles it is not possible to pull off the CV joint).
Essential tool when changing the gaiter or CV joint.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0177-205 Set of Pull Spindles

Part No.Description
KL-0177-2051Pull Spindle, M16x1.5 (female thread)
KL-0177-2052Pull Spindle, M18x1.5 (female thread)
KL-0177-2053Pull Spindle, M20x1.5 (female thread)
KL-0177-2054Pull Spindle, M22x1.5 (female thread)
KL-0177-2055Pull Spindle, M24x1.5 (female thread)
KL-0177-2056Pull Spindle, M27x1.5 (female thread)
KL-0177-2057Pull Spindle, M30x1.5 (female thread)
KL-0177-2061Pull Spindle, M14x1.5 (male thread)
KL-0177-2062Pull Spindle, M16x1.5 (male thread)
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