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Return to the Search results    KL-0039-930 H - Press Tool Set (short), with Hydraulic Cylinder (17t)     

Universally suitable for silentblocs, lower/upper suspension ball joints, etc.

The press tool set KL-0039-930 H allows the quick, professional and safe removal and installation of silentblocs, suspension ball joints, etc. with Ø of 30-59mm, to be performed in situ on the vehicle without the need for dismounting the axle or the wishbone. The 17t hydraulic cylinder that comes with the set ensures professional and trouble-free removal of silentblocs and joint bushes.
The tool set can easily be upgraded with other parts of the KL-0039-.. Series such as pull spindles and adaptors, thus allowing for a wide range of applications.

Note: Due to its special design as a hollow piston cylinder, the KL-0040-2500 hydraulic cylinder (17t) can be used to perform pulling as well as pushing operations in conjunction with the corresponding spindles available as accessories.

Technical Data:

Inner length (press frame):275mm
Inner width (press frame):115mm
Total weight:35kg
Dimension of wooden plate:750mmx430mm
Lenght of sleeves (short/long):40mm/110mm
Max. load capacity of press frame:12t
Max. load capacity hydraulic cylinder:17t

Scope of Delivery: KL-0039-930 H Press Tool Set (short), with 17t Hydraulic Cylinder

Part No.Description
KL-0039-1140Press Frame (Lightweight, Short Design)
KL-0040-2500Hydraulic Cylinder (17t)
KL-0039-1930Pressure Spindle with O-Ring, M20x350mm
KL-0039-1002Retaining Adaptor with O-Rings, for Clamping Nut and Pressure Spindle
KL-0039-1601Pressure/Support Sleeve Set (Short Design, 40mm), 20-pc.
KL-0039-1701Pressure/Support Sleeve Set (Long Design, 110mm), 20-pc.
KL-0039-9000Wooden Storage Plate (without Tools)
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