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Suitable for the Mercedes 190 Series (W201), W124 and W129, suspension ball joint at the front lower wishbone.

Used in conjunction with a hydraulic drive, the KL-0039-7523 sleeve set enables a suspension ball joint to be pressed into and pressed out of the lower wishbone quickly and with ease. Removal and installation of the specified ball joint can be carried out in situ on the vehicle within just a few minutes, without the need for dismantling the wishbone.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0039-7523 Sleeve Set, Mercedes 190 Series (W201), W124, W129

KL-0039-1636Pressure/Support Sleeve, short, Ø 36mm
KL-0039-1658Pressure/Support Sleeve, short, Ø 58mm
KL-0039-1760Pressure/Support Sleeve, long, Ø 60mm
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