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Designed for Renault Laguna II rear subframe.

For the quick and safe removal and replacement of the silentblocs on rear subframes. Used in conjunction with the hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-2500, pull spindle KL-0039-1912 and retaining adaptors KL-0039-1003 and KL-0039-1002, this tool set enables even heavily corroded silentblocs to be removed and replaced within just a few minutes.
The fixing unit ensures that silentblocs are aligned accurately into specified positions.

Scope of Delivery: KL-1210-302 Set of Sleeves, Renault Laguna

Part No.Description
KL-1210-3021Support Sleeve, long, Ø 88mm
KL-1210-3022Pressure Piece, Ø 76mm
KL-1210-3023Support Sleeve, Ø 88mm
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