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Return to the Search results    KL-0111-1 - Calliper Piston Reset Tool (Narrow Design)     

Universally applicable to virtually all vehicles.

Intended for floating callipers with single piston and fixed callipers with two pistons. This tool allows the user to quickly and professionally reset the brake piston on brake calliper systems without the risk of damaging the junk ring or piston.

Advantages: • No jamming of the piston during reset. • Low expenditure of force needed - thanks to the precise guidance of the tool. • High stability and resistance to wear and tear - thanks to the hardened plates and guide pins. • High precision of the tool ensures easy use and long service life.

Technical Data:

Max length of tool:260mm
Height of tool:125mm
Usable height of the jaws:75mm
Width of the jaws:70mm
Min span:13mm
Max span:70mm

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