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Return to the Search results    KL-0117-2 KB - Brake Pipe Flaring Tool Kit, with Interchangeable Insert (Ø 4.75mm)      (Pat. e.g. US-Patented 6,955,210)

Suitable for steel, aluminum and copper brake pipes with a pipe Ø of 4.75mm.

This specially designed tool kit allows flares to be created according to DIN Standard F on a brake pipe in a vice. It also enables the section repair of a brake pipe to be performed directly on the vehicle (for example after accident damage at the vehicle rear).
No need for removing and reinstalling the power train (engine/gearbox) when this tool is used.
The interchangeable clamping jaw inserts with a clamping surface of approximately 65mm ensure safe retention of the brake pipe without damaging it.
The KL-0117-206 upgrade kit allows you to use the flaring tool also on the plastic-coated brake pipes (Ø 5.25mm) on VW-Audi, Seat, Škoda vehicles.

• Detach the brake pipe with the pipe cutter.
• Peel away the plastic coating to a specified length while deburring the brake pipe at the same time.
• Press the flare DIN Standard F onto the brake pipe.
• Bend the brake pipe into the correct shape if necessary.

Advantages: • The brake pipe is securely held in the flaring tool without the risk of deforming the pipe - thanks to the interchangeable clamping jaw inserts. • Flares are created accurately according to DIN Standard F. • Ball-bearing-mounted pressure piece. • Limit stop for accurate length, thus giving exact material specification for the flare. • Ergonomic handle for flaring directly on the vehicle. • Built-in holder allows for clamping into a vice. • Substantial time and cost savings. • All components are individually available as spare parts.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0117-2 KB Brake Pipe Flaring Tool Kit with Interchangeable Insert (Ø 4.75mm)

Part No.Description
KL-0117-20 BBrake Pipe Flaring Tool with Interchangeable Insert (Ø 4.75mm)
KL-0117-23Pipe Bending Tool
231000Pipe Cutter 'mini-quick'
KL-0117-29Plastic Storage Case with Insert
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