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Return to the Search results    KL-4051-331 B - Screwdriver Bit Socket Set RIBE®, 1/2", 8-piece     

Suitable for FIAT engines with RIBE® screws.

For loosening and tightening RIBE® screws on cylinder head valve drive housings etc.

Technical Data:


Scope of Delivery: KL-4051-331 B Screwdriver Bit Socket Set RIBE®, 1/2", 8-piece

Part No.Description
KL-4051-3007Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M7, 55mm, 1/2"
KL-4051-3008Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M8, 55mm, 1/2"
KL-4051-3311Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M10, 140mm, 1/2"
KL-4051-3312Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M12, 140mm, 1/2"
KL-4051-3313Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M13, 140mm, 1/2"
KL-4051-3314Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M14, 140mm, 1/2"
KL-4051-3406Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M6, 200mm, 1/2"
KL-4051-3408Screwdriver Bit Socket RIBE® M8, 200mm, 1/2"
® = registered trademark of Richard Bergner GmbH & Co. KG
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