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Suitable for use on Mercedes CDI Diesel engines OM640 and OM642 with M8x1 glow plug thread.

The KL-0369-33 K glow plug tool set allows for the quick, accurate and professional drilling out of damaged or snapped-off glow plugs. The set also includes tools for the recutting, cleaning and repair of glow plug retaining threads as well as for the cleaning of glow plug bores.
First, the glow plug/top connector is drilled out/drilled up by means of the pilot drill. Next, the original thread is recut with the aid of the screw tap and cleaned. If glow plug retaining threads are damaged, these can be drilled up to M10x1 using the special re-bore tap.
The use of the centring/guide sleeves in conjunction with the base plate ensures accurate and correct centring and guidance as well as the exact drilling depth when drilling out/repairing the thread. The remainder of the glow plug can be extracted with the puller.
Finally, the glow plug bore, the sealed seat, and the glow plug channel (the small aperture leading to the combustion chamber) are cleaned with the cleaning tool.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0369-33 K Glow Plug Tool Set, M8x1, Mercedes

Part No.Description
KL-0369-300 ARoller-Type Stud Removal Socket
KL-0369-3311Base Plate
KL-0369-3312Special Screw, M7
KL-0369-3313Setting Bolt
KL-0369-3321Guide Sleeve for Milling Cutter
KL-4007-2510Adaptor for Power Drill, 3/8", square socket
KL-1383-203Milling Cutter for Glow Plug Electrode
KL-1383-2031Milling Cutter for Glow Plug Electrode (Spare Milling Cutter)
KL-0369-3331Guide Sleeve for Drill
KL-1383-2231Pilot Drill, Ø 7.1mm for M8x1
KL-1383-2232Screw Tap, M8x1
KL-0283-7021Pilot Drill, Ø 9.1mm for M10x1
KL-0283-7022Screw Tap, M10x1
KL-1383-2234Set of Threaded Sleeves M8x1, 16mm long (10 units)
KL-0369-306Tap Wrench with Square Socket, 2.4-5.5mm
KL-0369-334Puller for Glow Plug Body
KL-0369-56 BCompressed Air Adaptor, M10x1
KL-0369-3361Guide Sleeve for Cleaning Tool
KL-0369-3362Cleaning Tool, Ø 7/4.8mm
KL-0126-221Flexible Magnetic Lifter
KL-0369-3390Plastic Storage Case
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