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Applicable to glow plug threads M10x1 and M12x1.25 as well as oil sump plug thread M14x1.5 and M16x1.5; also suitable for injector nozzle fixing screw thread M6.

This tool set is indispensable for the quick and easy cleaning or repair of threads on aluminium cylinder heads and aluminium oil sumps.

Field of application: Aluminium Cylinder Head
Glow plug thread: The dirty thread M10x1 is cleaned and recut by using the thread cleaning tool.
The damaged thread is drilled up by means of the special drill. Then, with the aid of the special tap, a new thread with M12x1 or M14x1.25 is cut to retain the threaded inserts with an internal thread of M10x1 or M12x1.25.
Injector nozzle fixing screw thread: The M6 threaded inserts are screwed into the injector nozzle fixing screw thread that has been drilled up to M8x1 for the repair.

Field of application: Aluminium Oil Sump:
With the aid of the special tap (M14x1.5 or M16x1.5), the old thread is drilled out and a new sump plug retaining thread is being cut at the same time.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0132-590 KA Thread Repair Kit

Part No.Description
KL-0132-583Set of Threaded Sleeves, M6, 20mm long (10-pc.)
KL-0132-123Square Bit Holder, 10mm (waf), 3/8“ Drive
KL-0132-481-1Special Tap for M14x1.5
KL-0132-482Set of Sump Screw Plugs (5-pc.)
KL-0132-484Set of Aluminium Sealing Rings, Ø 15x20x1.3mm (5-pc.)
KL-0132-4901Special Tap for M16x1.5
KL-0132-4902Set of Sump Screw Plugs, M17x1.5 (5-pc.)
KL-0132-4903Set of Sealing Rings (Aluminium), Ø 24x17.1x1.5mm (5-pc.)
KL-0132-501-1Special Drill for Threaded Inserts, M12x1.25
KL-0132-502-1Special Tap for Threaded Inserts, M12x1.25
KL-0132-412Threaded Inserts, M12x1.25x11 (10 units)
KL-0132-511-1Thread Cleaning Tool, M10x1
KL-0132-512 AThreaded Inserts, M10x1x10 (10 units)
KL-0132-513-1Special Drill for Threaded Inserts, M10x1
KL-0132-514-1Special Tap for Threaded Inserts, M10x1
KL-0132-5990Plastic Storage Cse
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