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Return to the Search results    KL-1380-231 A - Locking Tool for Flywheel, Citroën/Peugeot     

Applicable to Citroën/Peugeot Diesel and petrol engines; as well as for Porsche 911 (991). 1.9 DW8; 2.0 HDI, DW10; 2.2 HDI DW12; Volvo 2.0 D4204T. (Engine codes: 4HK, 4HL, 4HN, 4HP, 4HR, 4HS, 4HT, 4HW, 4HX, 4HY, 4HZ, AHY, AHZ, D4204T, DW10ATED, DW10ATED4, DW10ATED/L3, DW10ATED4/L4, DW10BTED, DW10BTED/L3, DW10BTED4, DW10C, DW10CTED4, DW10JATED4, DW10UTED4, DW10UTD, DW10TD, DW12ATED, DW12ATED4/L4, DW12BTED4, DW12CTED4, DW12TED4, DW12UTED, DW8, DW8/L/W3, DW8/L3, DW8B, DW8B/L4, DW8B/L4, LFY, RFS, RFV, RHC, RHD, RHE, RHF, RHG, RHH, RHJ, RHK, RHL, RHM, RHR, RHS, RHT, RHV, RHW, RHX, RHY, RHZ, WJY, WJZ, XU10J4R/L3, XU10J4RS/L3, XU7JP4/L3)

Designed to lock the flywheel.

Part No.Description
KL-1380-231 A 
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