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Return to the Search results    KL-0500-45 KA - Clutch Tool Set (SAC), in a Plastic Storage Case      (Patented)

Suitable for Self-Adjusting Clutches (with 6 and 8 bolt holes); e.g. on VW-Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Opel/Vauxhall, Renault etc.

The KL-0500-45 KA clutch tool set is indispensable for the professional removal and installation of Self-Adjusting Clutches (SAC).
Correct removal and installation of this type of clutch is virtually impossible without the use of our tool set. Using the wrong tool risks damaging or distorting the clutch. This will result in incorrect separation or 'grabbing' of the clutch. Distorted or incorrectly mounted clutches are defective and must always be replaced.
The KL-0500-45 KA tool set prevents damage to the SAC when removing and installing it. Also, the risk of distorting the adjuster ring in the clutch pressure plate is eliminated using this tool.
The newly developed clutch aligner KL-0500-405 enables clutch discs to be centred also on vehicles that do not feature a pilot bearing in the crankshaft. The two clamping-/centring elements ensure, on the first clamping element (Ø 15-28mm) the accurate centring in the clutch disc, and on the second element (Ø 12-28mm) the accurate centring in the pilot bearing, respectively the crankshaft bore.
Even clutches on engines where the crankshaft bore Ø is greater than the clutch disc hub Ø can be aligned neatly and accurately thanks to this tool.


Before removal, pretension the clutch pressure plate by means of the clutch-pretensioning tool:
For this, unscrew three fastening screws and replace with three threaded bolts. Position the clutch pretensioner on the threaded bolts and secure with knurled nuts. Screw in the pressure spindle of the clutch pretensioner until the diaphragm spring has reached the limit stop. Unscrew the remaining fastening screws, relieve the diaphragm spring from pressure, and dismantle the clutch pretensioner and clutch pressure plate.

Centring the clutch disc:
Insert the clutch aligner with clutch disc and a suitable centring mandrel into the flywheel.

Installing the clutch pressure plate:
Apply the pressure plate against the flywheel, install the clutch pretensioner as specified for removal.
Stress the diaphragm spring until limit stop, screw in the fastening screws.

Enables the clutch pressure plate to be pretensioned during removal and installation (important as a means of avoiding distortion on the clutch).
Enables the clutch disc to be centred relative to the pilot bearing or pressure plate.
Enables the adjuster ring to be reset, in conjunction with reset tool KL-0500-403.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0500-45 KA Clutch Tool Set (SAC), in a Plastic Storage Case

Part No.Description
KL-0500-401Clutch-Pretensioning Tool (3-hole pitch)
KL-0500-403Reset Tool
KL-0500-404Set of Clutch-Centring Pins (3-pc)
KL-0500-405Clutch Aligner
KL-0500-4014Upgrade Kit (4-hole pitch)
KL-0500-4590Plastic Storage Case
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