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Universally applicable to passenger cars.

Includes collet chucks with Ø 10-20mm.
This set allows for the quick and professional replacement of pilot-/guide bearings, alternator bearings, etc.
The collets are manufactured from special high-grade steel to ensure proper functioning of the tool.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0043-31 Inner Bearing Extractor Set

Part No.Description
KL-0043-3101Spreader, 5mm
KL-0043-3102Spreader, 6mm
KL-0049-1013Slide Weight
KL-0043-3107Collet Chuck, 10mm
KL-0043-3108Collet Chuck, 12mm
KL-0043-3109Collet Chuck, 15mm
KL-0043-3110Collet Chuck, 17mm
KL-0043-3111Collet Chuck, 20mm
KL-0043-3115Plastic Storage Case
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