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Suitable for VW T4 Vans (short front end)

Designed to lift and pull the engine/gearbox assembly forwards.
For the removal and installation of the clutch, respectively the gearbox, on VW T4 vehicles, it is essential to support the engine with the KL 0206-1 engine lifter. After undoing all mounting bolts and connections as well as loosening the exhaust flange, lift and pull/push the engine forwards to the right front side until the pulley of the crankshaft almost touches the subframe.
Only then will it be possible to remove the gearbox and change the clutch.

• Easy mounting of the engine lifter to the vehicle.
• Support of upper wishbones by retaining wedges for removal of the drive shaft.
• Support and correct positioning of the engine to any desired position.
• Easy removal and installation of gearbox and clutch.
• Suitable for 4- and 5-cylinder engines.
• Safety fixture avoids caught-in fingers in the tool's support.

Technical Data:


Note: • Removal and installation of gearbox and clutch without engine lifter KL-0206-1 is a dangerous procedure. • Centring the clutch can be carried out with the aid of the KL-0069-5 tool.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0206-1 Engine Lifter, VW T4

Part No.Description
KL-0206-100Lifting Frame
KL-0206-102Retainer for 4-CylinderEngines
KL-0206-103Retainer for 5-Cylinder Engines
KL-0206-104Set of SupportingWedges (2-pc.)
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