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The kit is designed to upgrade our mechanical tool sets such as the pulling devices for silentbloc KL-0039-412 K and KL-0039-413 K, wheel bearing tool set KL-0039-0110 K and puller series KL-0174-.. so as to enable these to be driven by the 17t hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-2500.

Due to its special design as a hollow piston cylinder and thanks to the possibility to be used in conjunction with various spindles, the KL-0040-2500 hydraulic cylinder is suitable for pulling and pushing operations. Even severely seized bearings, bushes or drive shafts can be removed and installed quickly and with ease using the 17t drive kit.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0039-800 K Hydraulic Drive Kit

Part No.Description
KL-0039-1912Pull Spindle, M12, with Nut
KL-0039-1914Pull Spindle, M14, with Nut
KL-0039-1920-1Pull Spindle, M20
KL-0040-3009Clamping Nut
KL-0039-1920-4Clamping Nut, Ø 38mm
KL-0039-1930Pressure Spindle, M20x350mm, with O-Ring
KL-0039-1935Thrust Piece
KL-0039-1002Retaining Adaptor with O-Rings, for Clamping Nut and Pressure Spindle
KL-0039-1003Retaining Adaptor with O-Rings, for Hydraulic Cylinder
KL-0040-2500Hydraulic Cylinder (17t)
KL-0039-8009Plastic Storage Case
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