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Return to the Search results    KL-5501 - Spring Compressor (Stationary)      (Patented)

Universally suitable for MacPherson suspension and damper strut designs; for example, for those with standard springs, right-hand or left-hand coiled springs, eccentric springs or spring plates, conical springs, springs with a small number of windings, springs with high or varying spring coil pitch.

This spring compressor allows the spring to be compressed with its upper spring plate against the lower spring plate, hence the spring shape and the spring coil pitch are irrelevant. The variably settable spring-compressing assembly, the adjustable support column assembly, and the strut-holding clamp with one-hand operation widen the field of application of the spring compressor to virtually any strut or shock absorber while, at the same time, satisfying the highest Health and Safety Standards.

Advantages: Universal application! The special design of the spring-compressing assembly, respectively the jaws, as well as of the cantilever arms and swivelling bar, enables repairs to the above mentioned MacPherson suspension/damper strut designs to be carried out safely, quickly and professionally. No damage to the strut tube! The clamping bars of the strut-holding clamp can quickly be adjusted to the respective strut tube diameter by means of a knurled nut. Clamping jaws feature protective plastic coating. Allows for one-person operation! The whole procedure can be carried out by just one person. The strut-holding clamp is equipped with a quick-clamping and a one-hand-operation device to allow for ease of use. Mobile use, e.g. with workshop trolley/workbench (KL-4999-120) The stationary spring compressor features a mounting plate that enables it to be fixed either to the workshop trolley KL-4999-120 or to a workbench. The workshop trolley is ideal for use in garages and workshops allowing the mechanic to carry out repairs conveniently next to the vehicle.

Technical Data:

Breaking point:60,000N
Max. load capacity:15,000N
Weight without trolley:46kg
Max. span (opening width):570mm
For spring plate Ø:125-220mm

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