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Return to the Search results    KL-0039-1601 - Press/Support Sleeve Set (Short Design)     

Scope of Delivery: KL-0039-1601 Press/Support Sleeve Set (Short Design)

Part No.Description
KL-0039-1610Guide Pin (short),10mm
KL-0039-1612Guide Pin (short),12mm
KL-0039-1614Guide Pin (short),14mm
KL-0039-1616Guide Pin (short),16mm
KL-0039-1630Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 30mm, Ø B: 22mm
KL-0039-1632Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 32mm, Ø B: 24mm
KL-0039-1634Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 34mm, Ø B: 26mm
KL-0039-1636Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 36mm, Ø B: 28mm
KL-0039-1638Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 38mm, Ø B: 30mm
KL-0039-1640Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 40mm, Ø B: 32mm
KL-0039-1642Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 42mm, Ø B: 34mm
KL-0039-1644Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 44mm, Ø B: 36mm
KL-0039-1646Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 46mm, Ø B: 38mm
KL-0039-1648Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 48mm, Ø B: 40mm
KL-0039-1650Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 50mm, Ø B: 42mm
KL-0039-1652Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 52mm, Ø B: 44mm
KL-0039-1654Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 54mm, Ø B: 46mm
KL-0039-1656Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 56mm, Ø B: 48mm
KL-0039-1658Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 58mm, Ø B: 50mm
KL-0039-1660Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 60mm, Ø B: 52mm
KL-0039-1662Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 62mm, Ø B: 54mm
KL-0039-1664Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 64mm, Ø B: 56mm
KL-0039-1666Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 66mm, Ø B: 58mm
KL-0039-1668Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø A: 68mm, Ø B: 60mm
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