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Universally suitable for Common Rail Diesel engines as used in HGVs, construction vehicles and industrial engines, e.g. Iveco, MAN, DAF, Mercedes, Scania, Fuso etc. (also suitable for Euro6 vehicles)

The universal KL-0123-42 K Test/Diagnosis Kit allows the user to easily and professionally check the complete low-pressure circuit.
Testing the pressure can be carried out at any appropriate position in the forward delivery and return of fuel (also while driving). The clear hoses allow for visually checking the circuit for, e.g., air bubbles, contamination, and the flow of fuel in forward delivery and return. Measurement of the return flow volume is taken on each injector by process of elimination (rail sealing plug). The following error causes can quickly and easily be diagnosed: Wrong delivery/return pressure, air bubbles/contamination in the fuel system, if there actually is any Diesel delivered, defective injectors/high-pressure pumps/lines/delivery pumps, etc.

Scope of Delivery:: KL-0123-42 K Low-Pressure Circuit Test/Diagnosis Kit, HGV

Part No.Description
KL-0123-4201 Adaptor Hose, 6mm, 2m long
KL-0123-4202 Pressure Gauge (-1 to 3 bar), with Fitting and Protective Cap
KL-0123-4203 Pressure Gauge (-1 to 5 bar), with Fitting and Protective Cap
KL-0123-4204 Pressure Gauge (-1 to 15 bar), with Fitting and Protective Cap
KL-0123-4205T-Connector SAE, 8x20mm (red)
KL-0123-4206T-Connector SAE, 8x30mm (yellow)
KL-0123-4207T-Connector SAE, 9.5x20mm (grey)
KL-0123-4208T-Connector SAE, 10x20mm (green)
KL-0123-4209T-Connector SAE, 10x30mm (blue)
KL-0123-4210T-Connector NG8 Type 246 (white)
KL-0123-4211T-Connector, Ø 6mm (brown)
KL-0123-4212T-Connector, Ø 8mm (orange)
KL-0123-4213T-Connector, Ø 10mm (purple)
KL-0123-4214T-Connector, 11.8x25mm (light-blue)
KL-0123-4215T-Connector, NG12 Type 246 (pink)
KL-0123-4217 Adaptor Hose (PVC), 8mm, 2m
KL-0123-4218 Measuring Cup, 250ml
KL-0123-4219Lid for 250ml Measuring Cup
KL-0123-4220 Measuring Cup, 1000ml
KL-0123-4221Lid for 1000ml Measuring Cup
KL-0123-4222Adaptor with Eyelet and Plug Fitting M8
KL-0123-4223Adaptor with Eyelet and Plug Fitting M10
KL-0123-4224Adaptor with Eyelet and Plug Fitting M12
KL-0123-4225Adaptor with Eyelet and Plug Fitting M14
KL-0123-4226Adaptor with Eyelet and Plug Fitting M16
KL-0123-4227Double Banjo Bolt, M8x1
KL-0123-4228Double Banjo Bolt, M10x1
KL-0123-4229Double Banjo Bolt, M12x1.5
KL-0123-4230Double Banjo Bolt, M14x1.5
KL-0123-4231Double Banjo Bolt, M16x1.5
KL-0123-4232Banjo Bolt, M12x1.5
KL-0123-4233Banjo Bolt, M14
KL-0123-4234Screw-In Connector, M12x1
KL-0123-4235Screw-In Connector, M22
KL-0123-4236Angled Adaptor NG8
KL-0123-4237Connector (clear), 16x22mm
KL-0123-4238Adaptor with Plug Fitting, 16x22mm
KL-0123-4239Connector (clear), NG12
KL-0123-4240Coupling, 11.8x25mm
KL-0123-4241Lock Bushing, 11.8x25mm
KL-0123-4242Sealing Cone, 57°, M14x1.5
KL-0123-4243Sealing Cone, 60°, M14x1.5
KL-0123-4244Sealing Cone, M16x1.5
KL-0123-4245Sealing Cone, M20
KL-0123-4246Sealing Cone, M18x1.5
KL-0123-4247Sealing Plug, M12
KL-0123-4248Sealing Plug, M14
KL-0123-4249Sealing Plug, M16
KL-0123-4250Sealing Plug, M18
KL-0123-4251Pipe Plug, M12
KL-0123-4252Pipe Plug, M14
KL-0123-4253Pipe Plug, M16
KL-0123-4254Pipe Plug, M18
KL-0123-4255Screw Adaptor, M14x1.5
KL-0123-4256Threaded Elbow Fitting, M12
KL-0123-4257Threaded Elbow Fitting, M14
KL-0123-4258Threaded Elbow Fitting, M16
KL-0123-4259Threaded Elbow Fitting, M18
KL-0123-4260Straight Screw Connection, M12
KL-0123-4261Straight Screw Connection, M14
KL-0123-4262Straight Screw Connection, M16
KL-0123-4263Straight Screw Connection, M18
KL-0123-4264Screw-On Connector, M12
KL-0123-4265Screw-On Connector, M14
KL-0123-4266Screw-On Connector, M16
KL-0123-4267Screw-On Connector, M18
KL-0123-4268Screw-On Connector, M22
KL-0123-4269Screw Adaptor, M8x1.5x10
KL-0123-4270Screw Adaptor, M8x1.5x20
KL-0123-4271Screw Adaptor, M8x1.5x30
KL-0123-4272Cap Nut, M14x1.5
KL-0123-4273T-Connector, K-S-K 30cm
KL-0123-4291 Plastic Storage Case
KL-0123-4292 Foam Insert
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