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Return to the Search results    KL-0123-48 K - Fuel System Cleaning/Diagnostic Kit, with Auxiliary Tank     

Universally suitable for vehicles with suction pump.

The KL-0123-48 K Fuel System Cleaning/Diagnostic Kit with Auxiliary Tank is designed for the quick, easy and professional operation of the engine in a separate circuit with the vehicle fuel tank disconnected. Necessary for the detection and diagnosis of faults between the tank and, for example, fuel filter, high-pressure pump etc. The kit also allows for the professional cleaning of the injection system with a specific fuel/cleaning fluid mixture.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0123-48 K Fuel System Cleaning/Diagnostic Kit, with Auxiliary Tank

Part No.Description
KL-0123-4800Auxiliary Tank (10l)
KL-0123-4801 Adaptor Hose, 8mm, 4m long
KL-0123-4802 Hand-Operated Diaphragm Pump with Plug Fitting
KL-0123-4811 Adaptor Set (3-piece), SAE 8x20mm (red)
KL-0123-4812 Adaptor Set (3-piece), SAE 8x30mm (yellow)
KL-0123-4813 Adaptor Set (3-piece), SAE 9.5x20mm (grey)
KL-0123-4814 Adaptor Set (3-piece), SAE 10x20mm (green)
KL-0123-4815 Adaptor Set (3-piece), SAE 10x30mm (blue)
KL-0123-4816 Adaptor Set (3-piece), NG8 Type 246 (white)
KL-0123-4817 Adaptor Set (3-piece), Ø 6mm (brown)
KL-0123-4818 Adaptor Set (3-piece), Ø 8mm (orange)
KL-0123-4819 Adaptor Set (3-piece), Ø 10mm (purple)
KL-0123-4820 Adaptor Set (3-piece), 11.8x25mm (light-blue)
KL-0123-4821 Adaptor Set (3-piece) NG12 Type 246 (pink)
KL-0123-4822 Adaptor Set (3-piece), Ø 12mm (black)
KL-0123-4892 Foam Insert
KL-0123-4291 Plastic Storage Case
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