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Return to the Search results    KL-0123-52 K - Test/Diagnosis Kit 2 for Urea Dosage/Injection Systems     

Suitable for use on Diesel engines equipped with a Denoxtronic 2 or 2.2 urea dosage/injection system from Bosch; as found in trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and industrial facilities.

The KL-0123-52 K Test/Diagnosis Kit 2 is designed for the quick, trouble-free and professional checking of the injection volume, injection pressure, spray pattern, as well as for various visual inspections. It also allows for rinsing the complete system with water. The oil test paper is used to detect any mineral oil contaminations in the AdBlue® fluid.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0123-52 K Test/Diagnosis Kit 2 for Urea Dosage/Injection Systems

Part No.Description
KL-0123-5201Pressure Test Unit SCR, 0-16bar, 8x20mm
KL-0123-5202 Extension Hose, 1m, 8x20mm
KL-0123-5203 Adaptor Hose, 30cm, 9.5x20mm
KL-0123-5204 Adaptor Hose, 30cm, 8x20mm
KL-0123-5205 Adaptor to 8x20mm (Plug)
KL-0123-5206 Adaptor to 9.5x20mm (Plug)
KL-0123-5207 Extension Hose, 1m, 9.5x20mm
KL-0123-5208 Adapter Hose to 9.5x20mm Coupling
KL-0123-5209 Sealing Piece, K-T 9.5x20mm V2A
KL-0123-5210 Sealing Piece, K-T 8x20mm V2A
KL-0123-5211 Oil Test Paper
KL-0123-5212 Table Scale
KL-0123-5213 Calibration Weight, 200g
KL-0123-5214 Extension Cable (Urea), 2m
KL-0123-5215 Dosing Module Retainer
KL-0123-5216 Measuring Cup (250ml), with Hook
KL-0123-5217 Clear Hose, 300mm, NG08
KL-0123-5218 Suspension Device
KL-0123-5219 Rubber Cord with Clamp
KL-0123-4291 Plastic Storage Case
KL-0123-5292 Foam Insert
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