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Return to the Search results    KL-0039-413 K - Pulling Device for Silentbloc (Mechanical Drive)     

Universally suitable for silentblocs/joint bushes with Ø of 30-73mm.

The KL-0039-413 K pulling device allows for the quick, safe and professional removal and replacement of silentblocs and joint bushes.
The mechanical drive included in the set is designed for the extraction of silentblocs and joint bushes having an internal bore Ø not smaller than 10mm.
The set is composed of:
- Retaining adaptor for mechanical spindle
- Retaining adaptor for clamping nut
- Pull spindles M10, M12, M14, M16 with corresponding shoulder nuts
- Press/support sleeves (short design) with Ø (mm): 30/22, 40/32, 46/38, 50/42, 54/46, 58/50, 64/56, 66/58, 70/62, 72/64
- Press/support sleeves (long design) with Ø (mm): 44/36, 50/42, 56/48, 62/54, 66/58, 70/62, 74/66, 78/70, 82/74, 84/76
- Molybdenum disulphide paste
- Plastic storage case
Thanks to the possibility to easily upgrade the tool set with other parts of the KL-0039-.. Series such as centring and pressure rings or pressure/support sleeves, the pulling device covers a wide field of applications; for example, it allows the user to change wheel bearings as well.
A 10t or 17t hydraulic drive from GEDORE AUTOMOTIVE (available as accessories) can be used if silentblocs are very tight-fitting, stuck, or heavily rusted in place.
The additional use of a press frame also enables the removal and installation of suspension ball joints etc.

Note: The pulling device KL-0039-413 K can also be operated hydraulically. For this purpose, it needs to be used in conjunction with the hydraulic drive KL-0039-809 A or KL-0039-803 A, hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-2500 and a hydraulic pump such as KL-0215-35 M25. This will be necessary when removing and installing bushings and suspension ball joints for example.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0039-413 K Pulling Device for Silentbloc (Mechanical Drive)

Part No.Description
KL-0039-1002Retaining Adaptor for Clamping Nut M20, with O-Ring
KL-0039-1011Retaining Adaptor for Mechanical Spindle
KL-0039-1910-2 Shoulder Nut, M10x1.25
KL-0039-1912-2Shoulder Nut, M12
KL-0039-1914-2Shoulder Nut, M14
KL-0039-1916-2Shoulder Nut, M16
KL-0039-2010-1Pull Spindle, M10x1.25
KL-0039-2012-1Pull Spindle, M12
KL-0039-2014-1Pull Spindle, M14
KL-0039-2016-1Pull Spindle, M16
KL-0039-1630Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 30/22mm
KL-0039-1640Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 40/32mm
KL-0039-1646Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 46/38mm
KL-0039-1650Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 50/42mm
KL-0039-1654 Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 54/46mm
KL-0039-1658Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 58/50mm
KL-0039-1664Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 64/56mm
KL-0039-1666Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 66/58mm
KL-0039-1670Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 70/62mm
KL-0039-1672Press/Support Sleeve (short), Ø 72/64mm
KL-0039-1744Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 44/36mm
KL-0039-1750Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 50/42mm
KL-0039-1756Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 56/48mm
KL-0039-1762Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 62/54mm
KL-0039-1766Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 66/58mm
KL-0039-1770Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 70/62mm
KL-0039-1774Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 74/66mm
KL-0039-1778Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 78/70mm
KL-0039-1782Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 82/74mm
KL-0039-1784Press/Support Sleeve (long), Ø 84/76mm
KL-0014-0030Molybdenum Disulphide Paste
KL-0039-4139Plastic Storage Case
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