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Applicable to Nissan, Opel/Vauxhall and Renault 2.2 and 2.5 litre Diesel engines as found in: Renault Espace, Laguna II, Master II, Traffic II, Vel Satis; Opel/Vauxhall Movano-A, Vivaro; Nissan Interstar, Primastar. (Engine codes: G9T 600, G9T 605, G9T 606, G9T 607, G9T 642, G9T 645, G9T 700, G9T 702, G9T 703, G9T 706, G9T 707, G9T 720, G9T 722, G9T 742, G9T 743, G9T 750, G9T F722, G9U 630, G9U 632, G9U 650, G9U 720, G9U 724, G9U 726, G9U 730, G9U 750, G9U 754, G9U A720)

Designed for the locking/positioning of engine shafts such as camshafts and crankshaft.
An indispensable tool set when replacing a timing belt or performing an engine repair.

Scope of Delivery:

KL-1280-242 A Locking Tool for Camshaft
For locking the camshafts.

KL-1280-243 B Locking Pin, Ø 7mm
For locking the crankshaft.

Scope of Delivery: KL-1280-703 Locking Tool Set, Renault

Part No.Description
KL-1280-242 ALocking Tool for Camshaft
KL-1280-243 BLocking Pin, Ø 7mm
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