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Applicable to Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Proton 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 litre petrol engines as found in: Renault Clio II / III, Kangoo I / II, Logan, Megane, Modus, Thalia, Twingo I / II, Wind; Nissan Kubistar; Proton Savvy; Dacia Logan. (Engine codes: D4F, D4F 702, D4F 704, D4F 706, D4F 708, D4F 712, D4F 714, D4F 716, D4F 722, D4F 728, D4F 730, D4F 740, D4F 742, D4F 764, D4F 772, D4F 774, D4Ft 780, D4Ft 782, D4Ft 784, D4Ft 786, D7F 702, D7F 703, D7F 704, D7F 706, D7F 708, D7F 710, D7F 720, D7F 722, D7F 726, D7F 744, D7F 746, D7F 764, D7F 766, D7F 800, D7F B700, D7F C701, E7J 626, E7J 634, E7J 635, E7J 780, K7J 710, K7M 710, K7M 744, K7M 745, K7M 746, K7M 850)

Designed for the locking/positioning of the crankshaft and timing belt tensioner pulley. Kit also includes all the tools required to stretch/pre-set the tension on the timing belt.
An indispensable tool set when replacing a timing belt or performing an engine repair.

Scope of Delivery:

KL-1280-233 B Locking Pin, Ø 7.9/11.9mm
For locking the crankshaft.

KL-1280-206 A Adjustment Tool for Belt Tensioner, with 2 Pins
For adjusting the tension on the timing belt tensioner.

KL-1380-1011 A Timing Belt Pre-Tensioning Tool
For stretching/pre-tensioning the timing belt.

KL-1280-234 B Locking Pin, M10/Ø 7.9mm
For locking the crankshaft.

KL-1280-7511 Timing Belt Pre-Loading Tool
For stretching/pre-loading the timing belt.

KL-4990-1003 Plastic Storage Case

Scope of Delivery: KL-1280-751 K Locking Tool Set, Renault

Part No.Description
KL-1280-233 BLocking Pin, Ø 7.9/11.9mm
KL-1280-206 AAdjustment Tool for Timing Belt Tensioner, 2 Pins
KL-1380-1011 ATiming Belt Pre-Tensioning Tool
KL-1280-234 BLocking Pin, M10/Ø 7.9mm
KL-1280-7511Timing Belt Pre-Loading Tool
KL-4990-1003Plastic Storage Case
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