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Applications: • VW Transporter T5 (from 2004 onwards) 2.5 TDI (engine: AXE, AXD, BNZ) • VW Touareg (from 2003 onwards) 2.5 TDI (engine: BAC, BPE)

The tool set KL-0284-82 K is designed to turn the crankshaft, for example to TDC position, to counter-hold the crankshaft, for example when loosening the crankshaft central screw or the water pump sprocket fastening screw. It can also be used for the removal/extraction of the water pump sprocket and the water pump.

Advantages • Easy and quick extraction of the water pump. • Accurate and professional working. • Substantial time savings.

Technical Data:


Scope of Delivery: KL-0284-82 K Water Pump Tool Set, VW T5/Touareg

Part No.Description
KL-0284-821Water Pump Sprocket Puller; to remove the water pump sprocket when removing the water pump.
KL-0284-822 AWater Pump Puller. Required for removing the water pump.
KL-0284-823Key for Rotating the Crankshaft, VW. Designed to rotate/counter-hold the crankshaft. Necessary when setting the engine shafts to TDC position, and when loosening the sprocket fixing screw, for example, on the water pump.
KL-0284-8290Plastic Storage Case (emty)
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