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Applicable to Peugeot, Citroën and Fiat 1.4 8V (DV4 - Euro 4 and Euro 5), 1.6 8V (DV6 - Euro 5) and 2.0 8V HDI (DW10) Diesel engines. As installed in: Citroën C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C8, DS3, DS4, Berlingo, Evasion, Jumper, Jumper II, Jumpy, Xantia, Xsara; Peugeot 107, 206, 207, 306, 307, 308, 406, 508, 607, 806, 807, 1007, 3008, 5008, Boxer, Boxer II, Expert, Partner and Fiat Ducato, Scudo, Ulysse etc. (Engine codes: DV4C, DV4TD, DV4TED, DV6C, DV6CTED, DV6DTED, DW10ATED, DW10TD, DW10UTD, 8HR, 8HT, 8HX, 8HZ, 9HF, 9HL, 9HP, 9HR, RHS, RHV, RHY, RHZ)

Included in the following tool sets: KL-1383-14 K, KL-1383-140 K, KL-1383-141 K, KL-1383-142 K, KL-1383-143 K

Scope of Delivery: KL-1383-1400 - Base Tool

Part No.Description
KL-1383-1402Base Plate (assembled)
KL-1383-1403Supporting Bolt, Ø 20x120mm
KL-1383-1404Support Bolt, DV4/DV6
KL-1383-1405Support Bolt, DW10
KL-1383-1406Support, DW10
KL-0055-0012Cheese Head Screw, M6x25
KL-1283-1016Cheese Head Screw, M8x30
KL-5501-3019 Cheese Head Screw, M10x25
KL-1383-1407Support Plate
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