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Universal application.

Designed to enable easy bleeding of fuel systems; for example, after changing the fuel filter or performing maintenance work on the fuel system.
Thanks to the adaptors included in the kit, the bleeding tool is compatible with and can quickly be connected to virtually any common fuel system.
The transparent hose of the fuel filter bleeding tool (suction side) allows the user to visually check for air bubbles during the bleeding process.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0123-61 K Fuel Filter Air-Bleeding Tool Kit

Part No.Description
KL-0123-6101Adaptor Hose, 8mm, 1m long
KL-0123-6102Hand Pump with Hoses, 0.5m
KL-0123-4811-1Adaptor SAE, 8x20mm (red)
KL-0123-4812-1Adaptor SAE, 8x30mm (yellow)
KL-0123-4813-1Adaptor SAE, 9.5x20mm (grey)
KL-0123-4814-1Adaptor SAE, 10x20mm (green)
KL-0123-4815-1Adaptor SAE, 10x30mm (blue)
KL-0123-4816-1Adaptor NG8 Type 246 (white)
KL-0123-4817-1Adaptor, Ø 6mm (brown)
KL-0123-4818-1Adaptor, Ø 8mm (orange)
KL-0123-4819-1Adaptor, Ø 10mm (purple)
KL-0123-4820-1Adaptor, 11.8x25 mm (light blue)
KL-0123-4821-1Adaptor NG12 Type 246 (pink)
KL-0123-4822-1Adaptor, Ø 12mm (black)
KL-0123-6190Plastic Storage Case with Insert
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