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Applicable to Fiat, Citroën, Peugeot and Iveco 2.3, 2.8 and 3.0 litre Diesel engines as found in: Fiat Ducato; Peugeot Boxer; Citroën Relay, Jumper; Iveco Daily. (Engine codes: 8140.43B, 8140.43C, 8140.43N, 8140.43R, 8140.43S, 8140.63, F1AE0481A, F1AE0481B, F1AE0481C, F1AE0481D, F1AE0481F, F1AE0481FA, F1AE0481G, F1AE0481GA, F1AE0481H, F1AE0481HA, F1AE0481N, F1AE0481R, F1AE0481RA, F1AE0481UA, F1AE0481VA, F1CE0481A, F1CE0481B, F1CE0481D, F1CE0481D/SOFIM, F1CE0481F, F1CE0481H, F1CE3481D, F1CE3481D/SOFIM, F1CE3481DM, F1CE3481DM/SOFIM, F1CE3481E, F1CE3481E/SOFIM, F1CE3481M, F1CE3481N, F1CE 3481N/SOFIM, F30DTE)

Designed for the locking/positioning of the injection pump shaft, camshafts and crankshaft. The kit also includes tools to lock the timing belt tensioner and to fix the timing belt during installation.
An indispensable tool set when replacing a timing belt or performing an engine repair.

Scope of Delivery:

KL-0680-2201 A Locking Pin, Ø 11mm
For locking the flywheel.

KL-1280-233 B Locking Pin, Ø 7.9/11.9mm
For locking the flywheel.
For locking the injection pump.

KL-1682-2601 Locking Tool for Flywheel
For locking the flywheel.

KL-1380-2213 A Locking Pin, Ø 4.9mm
For locking the flywheel.
For locking the camshaft.
For locking the injection pump.

KL-1682-2401 Spacer Sleeve for Timing Belt
For locking the timing belt tensioner.

KL-1682-410 A Locking Tool for Camshaft
For locking the camshafts.

KL-1682-411 A Locking Tool for Crankshaft
For locking the crankshaft.

KL-1380-237 A Retaining Clip for Timing Belt
For retaining the timing belt on the crankshaft during positioning.

KL-1682-2690 Plastic Storage Case

Scope of Delivery: KL-1682-26 KA Locking Tool Set, 2.3, 2.8 and 3.0 JTD

Part No.Description
KL-0680-2201 ALocking Pin, Ø 11mm
KL-1280-233 BLocking Pin, Ø 7.9/11.9mm
KL-1682-2601Locking Tool for Flywheel
KL-1380-2213 ALocking Pin, Ø 4.9mm
KL-1682-2401Spacer Sleeve for Timing Belt
KL-1682-410 ALocking Tool for Camshaft
KL-1682-411 ALocking Tool for Crankshaft
KL-1380-237 ARetaining Clip for Timing Belt
KL-1682-2690Plastic Storage Case
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