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Applicable to Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel/Vauxhall, Renault, and Suzuki 1.9 and 3.0 litre Diesel engines as found in: Renault Clio II, Espace IV, Kangoo, Laguna II, Master II, Megane I / II / III, Scenic I / II / III / RX4, Traffic II; Opel/Vauxhall Movano-A, Vivaro; Mitsubishi Carisma, Space Star; Nissan Interstar, Primastar, Navara; Suzuki Grand Vitara; Volvo S40/V40. (Engine codes: F8Q 622, F8Q 630, F8Q 632, F8Q 662, F8Q 790, F9Q, F9Q1, F9Q2, F9Q 650, F9Q 660, F9Q 664, F9Q 670, F9Q 674, F9Q 680, F9Q 690, F9Q 731, F9Q 732, F9Q 733, F9Q 736, F9Q 740, F9Q 744, F9Q 748, F9Q 750, F9Q 751, F9Q 752, F9Q 754, F9Q 755, F9Q 758, F9Q 759, F9Q 760, F9Q 762, F9Q 770, F9Q 772, F9Q 774, F9Q 780, F9Q 782, F9Q 790, F9Q 800, F9Q 803, F9Q 804, F9Q 808, F9Q 812, F9Q 814, F9Q 818, F9Q 820, F9Q 826, F9Q 870, F9Q 872, F9Q B2, F9Q W722, VG30E)

Designed for the locking/positioning of the crankshaft, injection pump and timing belt tensioner. Kit also includes tools to stretch/pre-set the tension on the timing belt.
An indispensable tool set when changing a timing belt or performing an engine repair.

Scope of Delivery:

KL-1280-233 B Locking Pin, Ø 7.9/11.9mm
For locking the crankshaft.

KL-1280-240 B Timing Belt Pre-Tensioning Tool
For stretching/pre-setting the tension on the timing belt.

KL-1280-2010 Locking Tool for Injection Pump
For locking the injection pump.

KL-1280-241 A Hex Screw, M6x60
For pre-tensioning the timing belt tensioner.

KL-1280-2490 B Plastic Storage Case

Scope of Delivery: KL-1280-702 K Locking Tool Set, Renault

Part No.Description
KL-1280-233 BLocking Pin, Ø 7.9/11.9mm
KL-1280-240 BTiming Belt Pre-Tensioning Tool
KL-1280-241 AHex Screw, M6x60
KL-1280-2010Locking Tool for Injection Pump
KL-1280-2490 BPlastic Storage Case
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