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Universally suitable. Particularly useful on Mercedes-Benz HGVs equipped with an engine from the HDEP, MDEG, 457, 500 or 900 Series. Engines installed, for example, in Mercedes-Benz Actros, Atego, Axor and Econic.

The engine-supporting device is designed for the unilateral raising/lowering of HGV engines, for example, when removing/installing the engine, when performing repair or maintenance work on the gear unit, or when changing a clutch.
Thanks to its special design allowing for infinite adjustment, the engine-supporting device can quickly and easily be adapted to suit the respective vehicle chassis.
The four support stands are all equipped with retaining claws to prevent the engine-supporting device from any lateral slipping off the vehicle chassis.
With the aid of the chains, which are adjustable in length, and the lifting spindle, the HGV engine can be suspended quickly and safely in the engine-supporting device at the respective suspension points.

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