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Suitable for the silentblocs that are found at the rear axle trailing arm on: Ford Galaxy (from 05/2006 onwards), Mondeo (from 2007 onwards), S-Max (from 2006 onwards) and Volvo S60 / V60 (134/155), S80 (124/144), V70 / XC70 (135/136).

Designed for the quick, safe and professional removal and replacement of the silentbloc on rear axle trailing arms. For this, the KL-0040-2500 hydraulic cylinder, KL-0039-1930 pressure spindle, KL-0039-1002 retaining adaptor and a press frame are needed. Removal and installation of the silentbloc can be carried out in-situ on the vehicle within a few minutes, without having to dismount the rear axle trailing arm. The special design and shape of the support ring and pressure sleeve ensure that even seized or heavily corroded silentblocs can be pressed out properly and without any trouble. The tool also facilitates the accurate positioning of the new silentbloc thus ensuring its correct installation.

Technical Data:

Pressure sleeve outer diameter:Ø 90mm
Max. load capacity of the press frame:12t

Scope of Delivery: KL-0610-151 A Upgrade Kit, Ford/Volvo

Part No.Description
KL-0610-1501-1Pressure Ring
KL-0610-1501-2Pull Rod Extension
KL-0610-1502Pressure Sleeve, Ford/Volvo
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