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The sturdy workshop trolley/workbench - KL-4999-121 in conjunction with, for example, our universal glow plug tool set, injector nozzle puller set, counter-hold tool kit and the 17 t hydraulic cylinder (short design with pull spindles) provides you with a highly functional and mobile workplace allowing for professional and cost-effective maintenance work and repairs to engines.

The large Multiplex worktop made from solid beech offers the ideal work surface.
The convenient push handle and the smooth-running castors (125 mm), two of them are steering castors with brakes, ensure the easy and mobile use of the trolley.
The 5 drawers feature an individual locking mechanism as well as a central lock designed to prevent any unintentional opening of the drawers.
Each drawer has a load capacity of up to 80 kg. Thanks to the full-extension slides, the drawers can be pulled out completely, thus, allowing for proper storage, full visibility and easy access to the tools.
An ingenious "one-drawer-at-a-time" interlock mechanism prevents the opening of several drawers at the same time and, as a result, the trolley from tilting/tipping over.

The unique GEDORE Automotive Modular System allows you to customize the drawers with foam inserts and tool sets according to your specific needs. This makes the workshop trolley/workbench the ideal equipment for a perfectly organised and mobile workplace - helping you to significantly improve the productivity of your workshop.
The special foam inserts are designed to keep your GEDORE Automotive tools always properly organised and well protected. This ingenious tool storage system from GEDORE Automotive allows you to find the tool you need quickly and easily, and to identify missing tools at a glance. As a result, repairs can be carried out more efficiently - saving you time and money. The foam inserts are provided with specifically tool-shaped spaces to ensure that tools are safely stored and can be taken out and put back in place with ease.

Technical Data:

W 1200 x H 900 x D 600 mm 
W1200 x H 25 x D 600 mm 
W 1000 x H 100 mm 
W 1000 x H 95 x D 445 mm 
W 1000 x H 200 mm 
W 1000 x H 190 x D 445 mm 
Ø 125 mm 
Ø 125 mm 
125 kg 

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