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Universally suitable for use on Common Rail Diesel engines as found in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles equipped with a Denoxtronic 3.1, 5 or 5.1 urea dosage/injection system from Bosch; as fitted to VW-Audi, BMW, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi etc.

Used in conjunction with an appropriate diagnostic tester, the KL-0123-53 K Test/Diagnosis Kit 3 allows for the quick, trouble-free and professional checking of the injection volume, injection pressure, spray pattern, as well as for various visual inspections. It is also designed to rinse the complete system with water, as well as bleed the system when refilling with (AdBlue®) urea solution.

The oil test paper is used to detect any mineral oil contaminations in the AdBlue® fluid.

Technical Data:

Pressure Control Unit: -1 up to 15bar

Scope of Delivery: KL-0123-53 K Test/Diagnosis Kit 3 for Urea Dosage/Injection Systems

Part No.Description
KL-0123-5301Pressure-Testing Unit, -1 up to 15bar
KL-0123-5302Extension Hose, 2m
KL-0123-5303Adaptor (for rinsing), 6.3x20mm
KL-0123-5304Oil Test Paper
KL-0123-5305Table Scale, 0-1200g
KL-0123-5306Refractometer, AdBlue, with Accessory
KL-0123-5307Reservoir with Retention Feature, Denoxtronic 3.1; 5; 5.1
KL-0123-5308Test Paper, Ø 90mm (100 Units)
KL-0123-5309Extension Cable, 2m
KL-0123-5310Coolant-Connecting Hose
KL-0123-5392Foam Insert
KL-0123-5391Plastic Storage Case
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