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Applicable to Mercedes CDI engines having an M8x1 or M10x1 glow plug retaining thread. Engine codes: OM611, OM612, OM613, OM640, OM642, OM646, OM646 EVO, OM647, OM648, OM668

The KL-0369-34 EA upgrade kit is used in conjunction with the universal glow plug tool set KL-0132-56 EA, thus, allowing for the accurate removal, respectively drilling out, of damaged glow plugs and re-tapping the original M8x1 and M10x1 thread. It also allows the user to repair a damaged glow plug retaining thread by drilling it up to M10x1 or M12x1 respectively.
Then, the new glow plug along with a threaded sleeve is screwed into the cylinder head. With the aid of the compressed air adaptor included in the set, air is injected into the combustion chamber so as to prevent dirt and swarf from entering the latter.
With the aid of the puller that comes with the KL-0132-56 EA tool set, glow plugs or glow tubes/elements that are stuck/seized in the glow plug channel can be pulled out quickly and with ease.

The special KL-0369-3492 foam insert is designed to keep the tools of the KL-0369-34 EA upgrade kit always properly organised and well protected. The module can conveniently be stored in a workshop trolley such as the KL-4999-121, but also fits snugly in the robust stackable plastic storage case KL-0132-5691. Thanks to this ingenious tool management system, tools can be found quickly and easily and missing tools identified at a glance. As a result, repairs can be carried out more efficiently - saving you time and money.
The foam inserts are provided with specifically tool-shaped spaces to ensure that tools are safely stored and can be taken out and put back in place with ease.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0369-34 EA Glow Plug Tool Upgrade Kit, Mercedes, in an Foam Insert

Part No.Description
KL-0369-3071Guide Sleeve, Ø 17x75mm
KL-0369-3072Guide Sleeve, Ø 17x60mm
KL-0369-3073Guide Sleeve, Ø 17x41mm
KL-0369-3081Retaining Sleeve for Ø 17mm
KL-0369-3171Guide Sleeve, Ø 13x75mm
KL-0369-3172Guide Sleeve, Ø 13x60mm
KL-0369-3173Guide Sleeve, Ø 13x12mm
KL-0126-221Flexible Magnetic Lifter
KL-0369-3311Base Plate
KL-0369-3312Special Screw, M7
KL-0369-3313Setting Bolt
KL-0369-3321Guide Sleeve for Milling Cutter
KL-0369-3331Guide Sleeve for Drill
KL-0369-56 BCompressed Air Adaptor, M10x1
KL-0369-3361Guide Sleeve for Reamer
KL-0369-3362Reamer, Ø 7/4.8mm
KL-0369-3341Guide Sleeve for Puller
KL-0369-3221Base Plate witn Inclined Bore
KL-0369-3222Special Nut
KL-0369-3231Guide Sleeve for Drill
KL-0369-3241Reamer, Ø 5.8mm
KL-0369-3242Guide Sleeve for Reamer, Ø 5.8mm
KL-0369-3013Guide Sleeve for Drill
KL-0369-3014Centring Sleeve
KL-0369-3031 ABase Body
KL-0369-3041Guide Sleeve for Reamer
KL-0369-3042 AReamer
KL-1383-203Milling Cutter for Glow Plug Electrode
KL-1383-2031Milling Cutter for Glow Plug Electrode
KL-0369-3492Foam Insert
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