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Return to the Search results    KL-0500-405 - Clutch Aligner      (Patented)

Suitable for Self-Adjusting Clutches (SAC). Essential tool for vehicles without a pilot bearing in the crankshaft.

The newly developed clutch aligner KL-0500-405 enables clutch discs to be centred also on vehicles that do not feature a pilot bearing in the crankshaft. The two clamping-/centring elements ensure, on the first clamping element (Ø 15-28mm) the accurate centring in the clutch disc, and on the second element (Ø 12-28mm) the accurate centring in the pilot bearing, respectively the crankshaft bore.
Even clutches on engines where the crankshaft bore Ø is greater than the clutch disc hub Ø can be aligned neatly and accurately thanks to this tool.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0500-405 Clutch Aligner

Part No.Description
KL-0500-4050Guide Tube (complete)
KL-0500-4057-1Centring Pin, Ø 12mm
KL-0500-4057-2Centring Pin, Ø 14mm
KL-0500-4057-3Centring Pin, Ø 15mm
KL-0069-0006Clamping Cone, Size 2, 22mm
KL-0500-4055Cone Adaptor
KL-0500-4054Set of Clamping Elements, Ø 20mm
KL-0500-4056-2Sliding Cone, Ø 15mm, 40mm long
KL-0500-4056-3Sliding Cone, Ø 15mm, 67mm long
KL-0500-4056-4Sliding Cone, Ø 15mm, 75mm long
KL-0500-4056-6Sliding Cone, Ø 18mm, 75mm long
KL-0500-4056-5Sliding Cone, Ø 18mm, 67mm long
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