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Suitable for use on brake calliper bolts (with Torx Profile) as found at the front and trailer axle of MAN TGA, TGS, TGL, TGM and TGX.

The KL-1070-10 B external hexalobular slogging spanner set is designed to loosen/tighten the brake caliper screws found at the front and trailer axle of, e.g., MAN TGA, TGS, TGL, TGM and TGX. The slogging spanners feature a 3/4“ square socket and are engraved with a torque conversion formula (necessary due to the extended lever), thus, allowing the user to tighten brake caliper screws - by means of a suitable 3/4“ torque wrench - quickly and easily according to manufacturer specifications.
Using this tool, dismounting the track rod lever is not necessary.

Technical Data:

Size (waf):E18, E20, E24
Square socket:3/4"

Scope of Delivery: KL-1070-10 B External Hexalobular Slogging Spanner Set

Part No.Description
KL-1070-1018 BExternal Hexalobular Slogging Spanner E18
KL-1070-1020 BExternal Hexalobular Slogging Spanner E20
KL-1070-1024 BExternal Hexalobular Slogging Spanner E24
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