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Return to the Search results    KL-0500-50 K - Dual Mass Flywheel Wear-Testing Tool (For Testing On The Vehicle)     

Universally suitable for vehicles equipped with Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF).

Indispensable tool for the quick and professional wear tests of Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF).
Tests can be performed directly on the vehicle with the clutch removed. The test involves checking the rock allowance (axial play) and the freeplay angle (torsion of the secondary flywheel against the primary flywheel until the tension of the spring can be felt).

As a rule, Dual Mass Flywheels should always be checked for wear and damage when replacing a clutch. Professional tests are essential as Dual Mass Flywheels that are deteriorated or worn can damage the new clutch as well as the gearbox and drive train.

• Universal application.
• Substantial time savings.
• The tool is easy to operate.
• Professional and accurate working.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0500-50 K Dual Mass Flywheel Wear-Testing Tool (on-vehicle tests)

Part No.Description
KL-0500-500 KDual Mass Flywheel Wear-Testing Tool, without Dial Gauge, Torque Angle Gauge
KL-4090-302Torque Angle Gauge
KL-0128-1Dial Gauge, Ø 58mm
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