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Suitable for use on VW-Audi, Seat and Škoda 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, as well as 2.0 FSI / TSI / TFSI petrol engines as fitted to: VW Beetle (5C), Eos (1F), Golf SV/Sportsvan (AM), Golf VI (5K, AJ), Golf VII (5G, BE, BA), Jetta (162), Passat VI (36), Passat CC (357), Polo V (6R, 6C), Sharan (7N), Tiguan (5N); Audi A1 (8X), A3 (8P), Q3 (8U), TT (8J); Seat Alhambra (71), Leon (5F); Škoda Octavia II (1Z), Octavia III (5E), Superb II (3T) etc. (Engine codes: CHPA, CHZD, CJSB, CJXB, CJXC, CJZA, CJZB, CMBA, CPTA, CPVA, CPVB, CPWA, CUKA, CUKB, CWVA, CXCA, CXSA, CXSB, CYVA, CYVB, CZCA, CZDA, CZEA, CCZA, CHPA, CJSB, CJZA, CJZB, CMBA, CPTA, CPVA, CPVB, CPWA, CXSA, CYVA, CYVB, CZDA, CZEA)

This tool is designed to remove and install ignition coils with final output stage.

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