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Suitable for use on VW-Audi, Seat and Škoda 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, as well as 2.0 FSI / TSI / TFSI petrol engines as fitted to: VW Beetle (5C), Eos (1F), Golf SV/Sportsvan (AM), Golf VI (5K, AJ), Golf VII (5G, BE, BA), Jetta (162), Passat VI (36), Passat CC (357), Polo V (6R, 6C), Sharan (7N), Tiguan (5N); Audi A1 (8X), A3 (8P), Q3 (8U), TT (8J); Seat Alhambra (71), Leon (5F); Škoda Octavia II (1Z), Octavia III (5E), Superb II (3T) etc. (Engine codes: CHPA, CHZD, CJSB, CJXB, CJXC, CJZA, CJZB, CMBA, CPTA, CPVA, CPVB, CPWA, CUKA, CUKB, CWVA, CXCA, CXSA, CXSB, CYVA, CYVB, CZCA, CZDA, CZEA, CCZA, CHPA, CJSB, CJZA, CJZB, CMBA, CPTA, CPVA, CPVB, CPWA, CXSA, CYVA, CYVB, CZDA, CZEA)

This tool is designed to remove and install ignition coils with final output stage.
The expansion cone of the puller ensures that the tool is safely and securely held in the ignition coil without any risk of damage.

Procedure: Insert puller into ignition coil, tighten star handle clockwise to spread puller, remove ignition coil.

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