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Universally suitable for maintenance and repair work to HGVs/LGVs.

The Mobile Modular Workstation 'MODULO 810 A' combines a sturdy mobile workbench with a cleverly designed modular tool system. This provides you with a highly functional and mobile workplace equipped with a unique assortment of tools for the fast, proper and cost-effective maintenance and repair work to engines, braking- and suspension systems on HGVs.
Contains all the tools necessary for the loosening of wheel bolts, hub caps, brake caliper fastening screws, pins and slotted nuts. It also includes tools for extracting ball joints, removing/installing silentblocs, cranking the engine etc.

The workbench, with its large and 30mm thick beech multiplex worktop, offers the ideal work surface. Four full-width drawers provide for a lot of storage space. The lateral push handle and the two smooth-running, ball-bearing-mounted swivel castors (125mm) with total brake, ensure the easy and mobile use of the trolley/workbench.

The 4 drawers feature a self-closing mechanism and a central lock designed to prevent any unintentional opening. Each of the drawers has a load capacity of up to 70kg and is fully extendable to allow for easy access to the tools. The sophisticated "one-drawer-at-a-time" interlock mechanism prevents the simultaneous opening of several drawers and, as a result, the trolley from tilting/tipping over.


• Dimensions: H 985 x W 1200 x D 635mm
• Beech multiplex worktop: 30mm thick, surface additionally protected by
linseed oil varnish
• Worktop rear overhang allows the trolley to be parked flush against a wall
• Drawer block extends over the entire width of the trolley.
• Lateral handle allows for smooth movement and high mobility of the trolley
• Both side walls provided with Euro-standard 10 x 38mm square perforation to
accept hooks and holders for the efficient storage of tools
• Sheet steel, corrosion-resistant and scratch-proof powder-coated, GEDORE blue

• Version with 4 drawers
• Central locking with cylinder lock
• Wide drawers (W 998mm x D 474mm), fully extendable, removable
• One-drawer-at-a-time" interlock mechanism, one-hand operation
• Ball-bearing slides with self-closing mechanism
• Load capacity per drawer: 70kg
• Sheet steel, corrosion-resistant and scratch-proof powder-coated, GEDORE blue

GEDORE high-performance chassis:
• Total load capacity in stationary use: 700kg, in mobile use: 500kg
• 2 GEDORE high-performance wheels on roller bearings
(fixed castors with 200mm Ø)
• 2 GEDORE smooth-running wheels on ball bearings
(swivel castors with 125mm Ø), both with total brake
• The GEDORE trapezoidal axle construction ensures smooth running of the wheels, good manoeuvrability and directional stability of the mobile workbench even at maximum load.

Scope of Delivery: KL-4999-810 A Mobile Modular Workstation 'MODULO 810 A'

Part No.Description
KL-4999-811 EBasic Tool Set 1, HGV
KL-4999-812 EPressure Piece/Sleeve Set
KL-4999-813 EBasic Tool Set 2, HGV
KL-4999-814 EBall Joint Extractor Set
KL-4999-815 EBasic Tool Set 3, HGV
KL-4999-816 ESet of Lock Nut Sockets with Pins
KL-4999-1205MODULO Drawer Divider, 80mm
KL-4999-120 AWorkshop Trolley/Workbench (without tools)
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