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KL-0198-90 KB Wiper Arm Puller Set Suitable, e.g., for VW-Audi, BMW, Citroën Ford, Mercedes, Opel/Vauxhall, Peugeot, Renault etc.
KL-0198-923 KA Wiper Arm Puller Set, VW-Audi/Ford Suitable e.g. for VW-Audi, Ford, etc.
KL-0198-910 Pulling Fork 10 Designed for windscreen wipers on Porsche Cayenne (92A) and VW Touareg (7P).
KL-0198-913 Pulling Fork for Windscreen Wiper Arm  Suitable e.g. for windscreen wipers on Audi A4 (Models 2000-2007).
KL-0198-928 Wiper Arm Puller Suitable e.g. for wiper arms on rear windows of Renault Clio III, Espace IV, Laguna II, Modus, Megane II, Scenic II.
KL-0198-80 Wiper Arm Puller Universal application.
KL-0570-20 Special Torx® Socket T80 (with bore) Suitable for BMW E31, E38 and E39.
KL-0049-300 Slide Hammer Puller, 4.8kg (Base Tool)  
KL-0049-3020 Hook  
KL-0049-350 Clip with Hook and Joint  
KL-0270-31 C Bit Wrench, Angled, (Reinforced Design), with 8 Bit Inserts Suitable for Mercedes Toe Adjustment, e.g. on 190 Series (W201), C-Class (W202), C-Class (W203), 200 - 300 E (W124), E-Class (W210, W211), S-Class (W220)
KL-0270-304 Bit Insert Set (8-Piece Set)  
KL-0120-80 Fuel Tank Sensor Spanner Set (adjustable) Universal application.
KL-0272-10 Slotted Nut Spanner Set (3 pcs.) Suitable for: VW Polo, Sharan; Ford Galaxy; Seat Alhambra.
KL-0273-10 Removal Tool for Car Door Handle Suitable for VW Golf (VI), Fox, Tiguan, Passat (3C), Q7, etc.
KL-0271-1 Headlight Adjustment Tool Suitable for VW Golf (III) and Vento.
KL-0270-2 Screwdriver, XZN M4 Suitable for the door handles found on VW Passat from 1996 onwards and Golf (IV).
KL-4305-6225 Screwdriver, Torx® T25 For the removal/installation of headlights found on VW Sharan from 2000 onwards.
KL-4306-6330 Torx® Screwdriver with T-Handle, T30x350mm  
KL-4306-8320 5-Point Screwdriver with T-Handle (T20x260mm) Suitable for Mercedes.
KL-4305-6220 Screwdriver, Torx® T20 For removing/installing the door handles on Mercedes A-Class and C-Class.
KL-0572-10 Adjustment Tool for Door Window Glass, BMW Suitable for MINI and BMW window regulators; as found, for example, in MINI Cooper/Cooper S (R50, R53, R52), as well as BMW 1 Series (E81, E82).
KL-0190-41 Rivet Removal Pliers  
KL-0190-7 Door Handle Clip Pliers Universal application.
KL-0190-82 Window and Door Handle Clip Remover Universally suitable.
KL-0190-10 Trim Pry Universal application.
KL-0190-4 Door Trim Pliers(Universal)Universal application.
KL-0190-42 Rivet Removal Pliers  
KL-0194-130 A Set of Plastic Wedges (4-Piece)  
KL-0194-131 A Set of Plastic Wedges (3-piece)  
KL-0194-100 Set of Nylon Levers  
KL-0194-18   Suitable for ...
KL-0190-100 Removal Tool Set for Door and Side Panel Trims  
KL-0190-50 Hog Ring/Pliers Kit  
KL-0470-10 Set of Pulling Hooks, Opel/Vauxhall  Suitable for Opel/Vauxhall Astra, Corsa, Frontera, Omega, Tigra, Vectra, Zafira.
KL-0194-41 Windscreen Locking Strip Tool  
KL-0194-27 Cutting Wire Tool Set  
KL-0194-30 Car Dashboard Protection Set Universally applicable on vehicles with glued windscreens.
KL-0192-24 Snipe-Nose Pliers (long design)  
KL-0192-25 Snipe-Nose Pliers (long design) 45°  
KL-0191-3 Gasket Scraper - Extra-Wide Design  
KL-0191-30 Gasket Scraper Set  
KL-0196-30 Screwdriver Set for Battery Screw Plugs Universal application. Also suitable for the ventilating-/locking screw on the radiator; for example on BMW vehicles.
KL-0157-1 Twin-Arm Battery Terminal Puller  
KL-0157-2 Twin-Arm Battery Terminal Puller  
KL-0153-1 Steering Wheel Puller, Opel/Vauxhall Suitable for Opel/Vauxhall, Ford etc.
KL-0153-2 Steering Wheel Puller, Mercedes Lorries Suitable for Mercedes vans and lorries.
KL-0372-4 Mounting Sleeve for Ignition Switch Retaining Ring, Mercedes Suitable for Mercedes W202 and W210 until 1997.
KL-0372-6 Mounting Sleeve for Ignition Switch, Mercedes Suitable for Mercedes vehicles with FBS 2 and FBS 3 Ignition Switch on W129, W140, W203, W208, W209, W210, W211, W220, W230 and W906 (Sprinter) as well as VW Crafter.
KL-0372-1 Needle Set for Ignition Switch Removal, Mercedes Suitable for Mercedes W116, W123 W124, W126 and W201.
KL-0372-70 Spring Clip for Protecting Sleeve/Steering Lock (2 units), Mercedes Suitable for Mercedes W129, W140, W210 and W202 with FBS2 ignition switch system.
KL-0372-3 Set of Pulling Hooks (long), Mercedes Suitable for Mercedes W116, W123, W124, W126, W129, W140, W201, W202, W203, W208, W209, W210, W211, W220, W230 as well as VW Crafter.
KL-0191-10 Special Screwdriver Bit Socket with Bore, Torx® T30 Suitable for removal and installation of airbags on BMW, Mercedes etc.
KL-0191-11 Special Screwdriver Bit Socket, Torx® T30 Suitable for removal and installation of airbags on VW, Audi A4 (models ‘96-‘05), Opel/Vauxhall, Renault etc.
KL-0242-10 Airbag Removal Tool Set (2 pcs.) Suitable for driver-side airbags on VW Golf (IV, V), Lupo, New Beetle, Passat (B5) ’97 onwards, Polo ’99 onwards, Sharan 06/00 onwards.
KL-0240-1 Puller for Spacer Sleeves, VW Suitable for vehicle models from 1988 onwards, such as VW Golf (II and III), Jetta, Vento, Polo, Passat, etc.
KL-0240-2 Drive-In Mandrel for Spacer Sleeves  
KL-4305-6208 Torx® Screwdriver, T8 x 200mm Suitable, e.g. for Audi A4 (8E), A6 (4F) steering column cover.
KL-0190-28 K Terminal Tool Set for Push-On Contacts  
KL-0189-90 Condenser Wrench Socket Suitable for the PSA vehicles equipped with a Start-Stop-System such as Peugeot 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 508, 5008, 4008, Partner 3, Partner B9, Partner Tepee B9; Citroën C3 (A51), C3 Picasso, C4 (B7) B54, C4 Picasso (B78), C5 (X7), DS3, DS5, Berlingo III, Berlingo (B9) with 1.4, 1.6 or 1.8 HDI /eHDI engines.
KL-0190-23 Terminal Tool for Push-On Contacts  
KL-0190-24 Terminal Tool for Push-on Contacts  
KL-0190-20 Pliers for Light Bulbs(Universal)Universally suitable for VW-Audi, Opel/Vauxhall, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, etc.
KL-0190-21 Pliers for Light Bulbs(Universal)Universally applicable.
KL-0190-27 Pliers for Light Bulbs(Universal)