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KL-0284-21 Exhaust Spring Clamp Tool (short design), Length 145mm Intended for use on the exhaust steel clamps of VW Golf, Passat, etc.
KL-0121-171 Exhaust Manifold Clamp Pliers with Locking Lever Applications: Citroën, Renault, Peugeot etc.
KL-0132-8 Lambda Sensor Socket, 17mm (waf), hexagonal  
KL-0132-81 Lambda Sensor Socket, 22mm (waf), hexagonal Ideal for the Mercedes M111 etc.
KL-0132-84 Lambda Sensor Socket, 22mm (waf), hexagonal Applicable to Ford Fiesta VI (models from 07/2008 onwards) 1.25 Zetec S DOHC EFI; 1.4 Zetec DOHC EFI and 1.6 Zetec DOHC EFI engines.
KL-0132-6 Lambda Sensor Socket, 22mm (waf) Applications: VW-Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Opel/Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Seat, Škoda, Japanese cars, etc.
KL-0132-82 A Lambda Tool Kit, Size (waf) 22mm  
KL-0132-12 K Lambda Sensor Tool Kit Suitable for use on M18x1.5 Lambda sensor threads.
KL-0131-5 Chain Pipe Cutter Universal.
KL-0131-5001 Spare Chain  
KL-0131-51 Chain Pipe Cutter  
KL-0131-5101 Spare Chain  
224021 Ratchet Pipe Cutter niro Code: 1600885  
224211  Replacement Cutting Wheel  
KL-0181-1 Stud Tool, 3/8"(Universal)Universal tool, infinitely adjustable.
KL-0185-5 Drill Guide Kit(Universal)