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Item Number DescriptionNotesBy Model/Brand
KL-5501 Spring Compressor (Stationary)(Patented)Universally suitable for MacPherson suspension and damper strut designs; for example, for those with standard springs, right-hand or left-hand coiled springs, eccentric springs or spring plates, conical springs, springs with a small number of windings, springs with high or varying spring coil pitch.
KL-5501-20 Wall Mount Bracket  
KL-4999-120 A MODULO Workshop Trolley/Workbench, 4 Drawers Suitable for ...
KL-4999-121 A MODULO Workshop Trolley/Workbench, 5 Drawers Suitable for ...
KL-9002 Telescopic Safety Spring Compressor Universally suitable for vehicles equipped with MacPherson suspension/damper struts. Ideal for all-wheel-drive vehicles, transporters and vans such as Citroën Jumper; Fiat Ducato; Mercedes Vito, V-Class, M-Class, W210 4Matic; Peugeot Boxer, Break; Renault Master etc.
KL-9001-13 Pair of Jaws, Size 3 Universal application.
KL-0055-60 Holding Fixture for Suspension Struts Suitable for MacPherson suspension struts, shock absorbers and steering gears.
KL-9055-1 Holding Fixture  
KL-9055-2 Holding Fixture