Outstanding Quality Tools - Made by GEDORE

The corporate headquarters and main production facilities of the Gedore Group are located in Remscheid, the best-known “tool city” in Germany.

Remscheid is the home of the quality tools of the GEDORE and OCHSENKOPF brands, while other production locations – with subsidiaries of the Gedore Group – can be found in Solingen (GEDORE, GEDORE SOLUTIONS), Waldkirchen (GEDORE), Donaueschingen (GEDORE Automotive) and Vaihingen/Enz (GEDORE Torque Solutions). The sole exception to the German theme is the production of the GEDORE pliers which are manufactured by the Austrian subsidiary GEDORE AUSTRIA.

Gedore production centres in South Africa and Brazil produce tools in order to serve the
local markets with tools in the well known/reliable quality  "Made by GEDORE".

The Gedore Group is represented in more than 70 countries around the world.