KL-0255, KL0015-SP, KL-0250-40 APPLICATION VIDEO Minimize

Changing a Spring / Shock Absorber Audi A4 (KL-0255, KL0015-SP, KL-0250-40)

KL-0255   Strut Vise and Adjustment Tool (Pat.)
Suitable for VW-Audi vehicles from1990 onwards.

KL-0015  Spring Compressor
Universally suitable for strut suspensions. Comes with pairs of jaws size 1N and 2N for spring-Ø of from 80-195 mm.

KL-0250-40   Extractor for Clamping Bolt and Ball Joint (Pat. e.g. US-Patent 6,546,610)
Suitable for Audi A4 (until 2000) / VW Passat front axle (until 2005).