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Wheel hub puller basic tool set (KL-1005-111)

The wheel hub puller permits quick and professional removing of wheel hub/bearing units with removable hub caps. After the hub cap has been removed, the unit is removed via the threaded holes on the hub or, in the case of low-loaders, via the wheel bolts on the wheel hub. Support is provided centrally via the axle tube, using the different thrust discs. The special adapter plate offers universal adaptation to a large number of bolt hole circles that are available on the market. The 28t hydraulic cylinder, which is available as an accessory, allows even heavily jammed wheel hubs to be removed quickly and easily. 

Necessary Accessories: KL-0215-35 M28 - hand pump, KL-0040-2800 - hydraulic cylinder 28t, KL-0040-2812-5 - thrust nut M24, KL-0040-2812-1 - pressure spindle M24