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Return to the Search results    KL-0025-1 - Spring Compressor, with Pressure Plates in Size 1+2      (Patented)

For wishbone and multi-link independent suspensions; comes with pairs of pressure plates in size 1 and 2. Suitable for Mercedes 190 (W201), C-Class (W202), CLK (W208), E-Class (W210), S-Class (W140), SL (R129), SLK (R170), W116, W123, W124, and W126, front and rear axle. Ford, GM, Chrysler, VW T2 and LT, Fiat, Hummer, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault, Peugeot, Volvo, etc.

This universal telescopic safety spring compressor with a 3-point safety interlock mechanism, an anti-rotation profile and a spindle overload protection is unrivalled.
It enables the user to quicky and safely remove and install coil springs on wishbone and multi-link independent suspensions without having to dismantle the axle (exceptions possible). This provides a high level of safety and, at the same time, a substantial job time saving of 1-2 hours. The 3-point safety interlock mechanism enables the compression of a spring only when the piston has been locked correctly in the pressure plate. Automatic freewheel ensures the freewheeling of the spindle when the maximum compression length has been reached, thus preventing any pressure on the limits stops of the spring compressor.
• All critical components such as pressure plates, piston, intermediate tube, and housing are interlocked to one another. This safety feature eliminates the risk of a compressed spring unwinding itself.
• All critical components are drop-forged and highly annealed.
• The spring compressor has been tested and approved by German BG (German Employer's Liability Insurance Association) and by Mercedes.
• Due to its special telescopic design, the lenght of the tool changes whilst compressing a spring, thus very often enabling coil springs to be replaced without the need to dismantle the axle. Time savings of between 1/2 and 2 hours per spring can so be achieved.
• Universal field of application thanks to a wide range of pressure plates.


Technical Data:

Max. load capacity:30,000N
Span width (Jaw opening):110-317mm
Working travel:207mm
Overall length:263mm
Drive:Size (waf) 19mm hex
Breaking point:120,000N

Accessories: KL-0025-16 - Pair of pressure plates Suitable for Mercedes W211 (E-Class) rear axle.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0025-1 Spring Compressor, with Pressure Plates in Size 1+2

Part no.Description
KL-0025-100Compressor Base Body (long design)
KL-0025-11Pair of Pressure Plates, Size 1
KL-0025-12Pair of Pressure Plates, Size 2