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For installing valve collets.
Re-installing valve collets with three grooves can be difficult if space is restricted, valve springs are located deep inside the cylinder head or valve springs are recessed deeply into bucket tappet guides.
The new KL-0125-6.. Series of valve collets assembly tools, together with the matching pressure pieces from the KL-0125-61.. Series and the KL-0125-1 A valve spring compressor, makes the installation of single- and three-groove valve collets safe and easy, whether the cylinder head is on the engine or removed. This is particularly important if valve stem seals have to be renewed without removing the cylinder head from the vehicle.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0125-60 Valve Collet Assembly Tool Set

Part No.DescriptionApplicationØ
KL-0125-601Valve Collet Assembly Tool, Ø 5mmOpel/Vauxhall VW-AudiØ 5mm
KL-0125-602Valve Collet Assembly Tool, Ø 6mmSmart, VW-AudiØ 6mm
KL-0125-603Valve Collet Assembly Tool, Ø 7.8mmMercedesØ 7.8mm
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