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Intended for use on Peugeot.

For valve springs with a bucket tappet Ø of 38mm.
The valve depressor enables the removal and installation of valve springs both with the cylinder head being removed or installed.
The pressure pieces are interchangeable to fit the respective bucket tappet Ø.
Please see tool KL-0125-1 A.

Scope of Delivery: KL-1381-2 Valve Spring Compressor, Peugeot

Part No.Description
KL-1381-2001 Bar
KL-1381-2002Hex Screw, M6x20
KL-1381-2003Lever with Safety Handle
KL-1381-2005Hex Screw, M8x60
KL-0125-1010Fork Head with Folding Spring Bolt, M8x16
KL-1381-2006Set Screw, M8x60
KL-0035-0003Hex Nut, M8
KL-0125-1028Pressure Piece, 38mm, Peugeot
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