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Universally suitable for screwed pipe connections, for example, on brake systems, injection systems etc.

These tools are required for the loosening and tightening of screwed pipe connections. Thanks to the special design of the wrenches, even screw connections that are difficult to access can be reached quickly and without any trouble.

Technical Data:

Scope of Delivery: KL-4075-321 K Flexible Crowfoot Socket Wrench Set

Part No.Description
KL-4075-3214Flexible Crowfoot Socket Wrench, Size (waf) 14mm, bi-hex, 3/8"
KL-4075-3216Flexible Crowfoot Socket Wrench, Size (waf) 16mm, bi-hex, 3/8"
KL-4075-3217Flexible Crowfoot Socket Wrench, Size (waf) 17mm, bi-hex, 3/8"
KL-4075-3218Flexible Crowfoot Socket Wrench, Size (waf) 18mm, bi-hex, 3/8"
KL-4075-3219Flexible Crowfoot Socket Wrench, Size (waf) 19mm, bi-hex, 3/8"
KL-4074-3190Plastic Storage Case
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