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Allows guide sleeves to be pulled out and knocked in without incurring any damage. The puller works on the principle of an internal collet.
In engine and gearbox engineering, so-called guide sleeves are used for the accurate fixing of the housing halves. These guide sleeves, however, should not be installed or removed with tongs or a hammer.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0181-80 Guide Sleeve Puller

Part No.Description
KL-0181-800Slide Hammer Puller
KL-0181-8005Collet for internal Ø of 5mm
KL-0181-8006Collet for internal Ø of 6mm
KL-0181-8007Collet for internal Ø of 7mm
KL-0181-8008Collet for internal Ø of 8mm
KL-0181-8009Collet for internal Ø of 9mm
KL-0181-8010Collet for internal Ø of 10mm
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