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Applicable to virtually all VW-Audi engines.

This tool enables the quick and professional installation of sealing rings on the crankshaft and camshaft without the need for dismantling the engine.

Scope of delivery: KL-0178-21 K Seal Ring Installation Kit

Part No.Description
KL-0178-2120Guide Sleeve, Ø 10.5mm
KL-0178-2121Guide Sleeve, Ø 12.5mm
KL-0178-2122Guide Sleeve, Ø 14.5mm
KL-0178-2123Guide Sleeve, Ø 16.5mm
KL-0178-2124Guide Sleeve, Ø 18.5mm
KL-0178-2131Pressure Ring, Ø 32mm
KL-0178-2132Pressure Ring, Ø 35mm
KL-0178-2133Pressure Ring, Ø 37mm
KL-0178-2141Conical Sleeve, Ø 32mm
KL-0178-2142Conical Sleeve, Ø 35mm
KL-0178-2143Conical Sleeve, Ø 35mm
KL-0178-2144Conical Sleeve, Ø 35mm
KL-0178-2145Conical Sleeve, Ø 37mm
KL-0178-2190Plastic Storage Case
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