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Applicable to Mercedes CDI engines OM 611, 612, 613, 628, 646*, 647, 648 etc. (*not suitable for 646 EVO)

The injector nozzle tool set KL-0369-45 K (composed of injector nozzle puller KL-0369-41, injector nozzle puller KL-0369-45, cleaning tool KL-0369-20 A, compressed-air adaptor KL-0369-55 B, screw tap KL-0369-51, Flexible Magnetic Lifter KL-0126-221 and plastic storage case KL-0369-4590) enables the professional removal of injector nozzles.
The injector nozzle puller with slide hammer KL-0369-41 is designed for the removal of injection nozzles which are only slightly seized in place without having to dismantle them. The injector nozzle puller with pull spindle KL-0369-45 enables the removal of very tight-fitting or stuck injector nozzles to be performed directly on the vehicle. It is not necessary to remove the cylinder head from the vehicle using either of the pullers. The cleaning tool KL-0369-20 A allows the injection nozzle mounting hole, the nozzle seat, and the small aperture leading to the combustion chamber to be cleaned in a single operation. By screwing the compressed air adaptor KL-0369-55 B into the glow plug bore and injecting air into the combustion chamber, impurities are prevented from entering the latter.
The screw tap with drill bit KL-0369-51 is used for recutting and cleaning the tapped hole for the nozzle holder. This procedure is important before re-installing the injector nozzle.

Note: Mercedes A-Class CDI (OM 668) On CDI-engines OM668, always two injector nozzles are held by one single retaining clip. Therefore, when removing one of the injector nozzles, the second injector needs to be pulled out in parallel with the first one. For this, the newly developed KL-0369-46 K injector nozzle puller is necessary.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0369-45 K Injector Nozzle Tool Set, Mercedes CDI

Part No.Description
KL-0369-20 ACleaning Tool for Injector Nozzle Seat
KL-0369-41Injector Nozzle Puller with Slide Hammer
KL-0369-45Injector Nozzle Puller with Pull Spindle
KL-0369-51Screw Tap, M6, with Drill Bit
KL-0369-55 BCompressed Air Adaptor for Glow Plug Bore M10x1
KL-0126-221Flexible Magnetic Lifter
KL-0369-4590Plastic Storage Case
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